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Co-Founder & Executive Director

Heather Van Syckle, President

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LeeAnn Balletto

Heather Van Syckle is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Piecing Hearts Together. She has 20 years of professional experience in marketing, media, design, and publishing. Throughout her career, Heather has worked with optics and branding to highlight the visual messaging for companies throughout the United States. As an advocate for under-served groups, she has volunteered in the Middle Tennessee community since 2003, assisting with Hope Lodge, Meals on Wheels, and Charley Foundation.

When the opportunity arose to help co-found Piecing Hearts Together, Heather was immediately engaged. Creative expression has always been a major part of her life, and the benefits of creativity have helped her through difficult times. In her work with Piecing Hearts Together, Heather has been able to bring creative expression opportunities to individuals going through difficult life transitions, and she has seen the positive effects it has had on the workshop participants.

As Executive Director of Piecing Hearts Together, Heather uses her marketing and business skills to promote the services that PHT offers in the Middle Tennessee community. In addition to facilitating creative workshops, her work includes designing digital and print marketing materials, designing and maintaining the PHT website, writing grant proposals, facilitating creative workshops, planning workshop lessons and projects, and reaching out to corporations and local businesses for sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

Piecing Hearts Together was founded by LeeAnn Balletto and Heather Van Syckle. Our focus is to inspire and uplift aging adults by providing creative opportunities where they can come together as a community to support and encourage each other. By giving individuals the tools, supplies, time, and encouragement they need to bring out the artist within themselves, Piecing Hearts Together art workshops help alleviate anxiety, loneliness, depression, and other things that negatively affect the quality of life for senior citizens.

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The seed for Piecing Hearts Together came at a time when LeeAnn was struggling and life was at its most chaotic and painful.  As someone who enjoys creating art, she longed for a creative outlet, but found herself without the energy, time, or materials to make it happen.  The idea for art projects that use “pieces” coming together to form something new, whole, and beautiful is now used to encourage others, providing a visual representation of the pieces of our lives (good and bad) coming together to form a complete, beautiful work of art. LeeAnn’s passion for serving others is grounded in two basic principles that she learned while on staff at her local church. The first is the importance of living transparently in community – we all need each other. The second is the belief that our pain has a purpose and should not be wasted.  These principles, combined with artistic ideas and corroboration with her fellow co-founder, Heather, gave Piecing Hearts Together its foundation as a nonprofit serving the Nashville community through art. Although no longer involved with the daily operations of Piecing Hearts Together, LeeAnn remains an avid supporter because she knows creative expression can be a strong aid to healing and she believes everyone deserves creative opportunities.